Filling the Pill Planner: Read the instructions on all of your medication bottles carefully and place the pills, one at a time, into the corresponding compartment for each day of the week and time of day. Only tablets or capsules which are to be swallowed may be placed in the Pill Planner. It is not suitable for storing liquids or suppositories. If you need help to fill your Planner, ask your pharmacist, nurse or physician. Taking medications from the Pill Planner: Open the lid of the appropriate compartment to remove pills. An empty compartment indicates that the medications have been taken for that time period. Prescription information: A Prescription Information Label is enclosed and can be attached to the back of the Pill Planner to help you organize your medications Use it to Record: 1. Name of each medication. 2. Dosage of each medication. 3. Number of tablets to be taken and at what time each should be taken. 4. Name of the physician who prescribed the medication. Show your Planner with the label correctly completed to your physician on your next visit. To Clean: Wash before initial use. Open compartments and rinse with warm soapy water. Allow to completely air dry before using.