Product Description

Only 35 calories per piece. Per Piece: 35 calories; 5 g fiber; 1 g net carbs. Sugar free. All the taste, 1/2 the calories. Enable your success! ChocoRite is available in a wide range of delightfully nutritious reduced calorie and low net carb snacks specially designed to provide exceptional taste while delivering the lowest impact through the use of zero glycemic index sweeteners. Whether losing weight, controlling blood sugar or just trying to do the right thing, ChocoRite will always be here to help enable your dieting success. ChocoRite is determined to provide our customers with the best tasting, reduced calorie, low net carb snacks. Now you can enjoy life's little pleasures while losing weight or maintaining a healthier lifestyle. To calculate Net Carbs subtract the fiber and Erythritol from the total carbohydrates since they do not impact blood sugar and have a glycemic index of zero. Maltitol free. Kosher.