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How It Works

Using the most recent USDA Guidelines for Americans* as our standard, we assess groups of similar
products (canned green beans, for example, or yogurts, or children's cereals). We identify those products
that are a better choice: that contain more of things you need, like fiber, and less of the things you don't
need, like saturated fat, added sodium, and sugars. Each "better choice" product gets a tag explaining
why we've selected it.

*2010—guidelines are updated every five years.

Better Choice Shelf Tag

Informed By Expertise

To ensure that our Better Choice program recommendations are consistent with
the latest science in nutrition and health, we've worked closely with registered dietitians and nutrition
authorities—including our corporate dietitian, Shannon McManus, RDN, LDN.

RDN—Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
LDN—Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist