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Having trouble printing or viewing weekly ad items on your list?

Problem Description

Since we launched our newly integrated My Grocery List feature on the Publix weekly ad Web site, some customers have reported the following types of problems, usually with such Web browsers as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome:

  • Weekly ad items are not appearing on the printed shopping list when clicking Print Weekly Ad Items Only.
  • Weekly ad items disappearing from the list after trying to print using Print Weekly Ad Items Only link.
  • Weekly ad items not showing up when clicking View/Edit/Print with My Grocery.
  • Only the last weekly ad item added is showing up when clicking View/Edit/Print with My Grocery.


The resolution in most cases to these and related problems is to delete your Web browser’s cookies.

A cookie is a file placed on a user’s computer by a Web site to store certain information relevant to that Web site.  For example, the weekly ad site uses a cookie to store the selected Publix store number so the store’s ad can been displayed each time the user returns to the site.  Likewise, the weekly ad cookie stores item codes for those items added to the shopping list.  The problems listed above result when the information in the cookie is corrupted and the Web site cannot interact with it properly; hence, deleting the bad cookie and resetting a good cookie fixes most problems.

Here are links to instructions on how to complete this task for the most popular Web browsers :

(Please note: these links will take you to the Web browser's support site.)

If you prefer not to delete all your cookies, please be sure to at least delete any cookies identified with these domains:


Please note: It is important that all and cookies are deleted successfully.  To ensure the process has worked properly, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Web browser to a non-Publix Web site.  If you are on the weekly ad site while trying to delete the cookies, the process may fail.
  2. Follow the instructions for deleting cookies on your Web browser.
  3. Close your Web browser completely.
  4. Re-open your Web browser to a non-Publix Web site.  Follow the deletion steps again to confirm none of the and cookies are still present.
  5. Navigate to and click on any Weekly Ad link.
  6. If you are prompted to enter a zip code and reselect your store, this is an indication that the delete cookie process was successful.  If you are still taken directly to your store, then there is still one or more cookie that needs to be deleted.

In some cases, it is necessary to empty all Temporary Files, or cache, by using such tools as "Reset Safari" on the MAC platform.

If you continue to have issues after deleting your cookies, please contact us and a representative will respond to your request for assistance within 2 - 4 business days.