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My Grocery List

Need help with your list?

Here are the answers to some of the questions most frequently asked about using the My Grocery List feature on You'll find step-by-step instructions here that help you make the most of your shopping list.


Q: How do I add items to My Grocery List from my store's weekly ad?
A: Include weekly ad items on your grocery list by first going to your store's weekly ad, selecting the items you want to put on your list, then selecting the link to view and/or edit those items with My Grocery List. Just follow these steps:

1.Navigate to the online ads using any weekly ad link on
2.Search for and select the Publix store you wish to shop.
3.Browse weekly ad and click Add to List for products you want on your grocery list.
4.Click on View/Edit/Print with My Grocery List link found under the list displayed on the right hand side of the weekly ad.
5.Your weekly ad items will be added to My Grocery List for editing and printing.


Q: How do I add ingredients to My Grocery List from Publix Aprons Simple Meal recipes?
A: Add Simple Meals ingredients to your grocery list by first finding the recipe you wish to shop for, then clicking on either Add All Items to List or on the individual Add to Your Grocery List icons by each ingredient.

Q: How do I create and use a Starter List?
A: Starter List can be a great tool for kick–starting your regular shopping list with the items you buy on a regular basis. With a well–established Starter List, you can save yourself time–and potentially money–every time you set out to shop with a grocery list.

To Create a Starter List 

1.Add items you want on your Starter List to your Current List.
2.Click Save As button on your Current List.
3.If you are not logged in or registered, you will be prompted to do so; you must have an account and be logged in to save your list.
4.Once logged in, enter the name of your grocery list as "My Starter List" and click Save.


To create a new list from your Starter List 

5.Log in to
6.Navigate to My Publix – My Grocery Lists page.
7.Click on View button for the Starter List; your Starter List will be loaded as your Current List.
8.Click Save As button.
9.Rename your Starter List with an appropriate name and click Save button.
10.Continue adding items to your new list until you are ready to print and go shopping.


Q: How do I add items to My Grocery List that will show me the correct store location?
A: In addition to all Publix Aprons Simple Meals recipe ingredients, and all weekly ad items, Publix has created a catalog of more than a thousand common items added to Publix grocery lists. The catalog includes generic items such as cereal, milk, tissues, soda, chicken, etc.; it does not include specific brand items or products (e.g., General Mills or Cheerios).

As you type an item into the list entry field, you will begin to see a list of matches in our generic product catalog. To best ensure that the items you add to your grocery list will include store location (i.e., department, aisle, or store section), please be sure to choose the item that most closely matches what you would like to enter. Always be as generic as possible, and know that even if the product is not an exact match, if it is of the same type (e.g., chicken breasts and chicken cutlets are both essentially chicken), selecting a like item from the displayed list should get you the correct store location.

If being specific about a product is as important as knowing its location, we recommend using the Notes section of your grocery list to include this information for a generic product. For example, rather than entering "Cheerios" and "Raisin Bran" as separate items on your list, neither of which will be mapped to a store location, enter the item "cereal" and in the Notes section list the specific type you need; in this case, "Cheerios" and "Raisin Bran".

In all cases, if you add an item we have not mapped in your store, you can always assign the item yourself using the Assign Location link.

Please note: The availability and location of grocery list items may vary by store. If you need help locating an item, please ask a Publix associate for assistance. 


Q: How do I print a blank grocery list on which I can handwrite my items?
A: If you would like an empty shopping list similarly formatted to our previous version of My Grocery List, just download and print this blank grocery list with departments. (We recommend double-sided printing if your printer is capable of doing so.) If you would like a simple, lined, double-column list without departments, download and print this blank grocery list. Adobe PDF Reader is required.
Q: How can I access My Grocery List from my mobile phone?

To access your grocery list on your smartphone, you must first register a My Publix account and then save your list using the Save List button on the Current List page.  Once your list is saved, visit, select My Lists, log in with your My Publix username and password, then select to view your saved list.  Once you have accessed your list on our mobile site, you can add and edit the items on your list, and mark them as picked off as you shop your store.  For more information, visit our Publix Mobileweb page.