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New Items
New Items

Here's a sampling of our latest additions:

Tide PODS Free & Gentle
These convenient pouches deliver the deep cleaning and stain removal you expect from Tide while being gentle on the skin. Free of dyes and perfumes.

Hershey's Spreads Snacksters
Each on-the-go package combines Hershey's unmistakable chocolate taste in a convenient spread with crisp graham dippers. Perfect for work or school.

Vita Coco Kids
Kids of all ages are going coco-nuts for Vita Coco Kids, the new, naturally fruit-flavored coconut water. With half the sugar and calories of leading kids' juices, it's free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners. Its new, spill-stopping pouch makes it the perfect on-the-go treat. The tetra packs can even be enjoyed as frozen ice pops or in other creative recipes listed on our Vita Coco Kids Facebook page. Available in three tasty flavors.

Cheerios Protein
Available in either Cinnamon Almond or Oats & Honey varieties, this new family-friendly cereal combines toasted whole-grain Os with crunchy granola clusters. It delivers 11 grams of protein with milk. A good source of fiber, it provides more than half your daily recommended whole grain, plus 13 vitamins and minerals.

There's always something new to love at Publix! Look for the "New Item" icon on shelves throughout your neighborhood Publix and our ad flyer. It's your sign to discover all the exciting new products throughout the store.
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