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Holiday Turkey Recipes

Turkey Recipes

Prepare a truly special Thanksgiving dinner with Maple-Glazed Turkey Roast, Buttery Cider-Glazed Turkey or Herbed Lemon Turkey Breast with Wild Mushroom Gravy. Any of these three delicious recipes will surely make this holiday one to remember, not to mention some really tasty leftovers.

Maple-Glazed Turkey Roast
Grilling your turkey is an easy, practical solution when you need to free up oven space for other dishes. Try our Maple-Glazed Turkey Roast for simply delicious boneless grilled turkey. Or use the maple glaze for grilling a whole turkey.
Buttery Cider-Glazed Turkey
A beautiful roast turkey is the first choice at Thanksgiving feasts across America. If roast turkey is your family's favorite, we have a few tips to make your turkey better than ever. Check out our Preparing and Roasting Guide, which includes suggestions for purchasing, thawing, and roasting your bird.
Herbed Lemon Turkey Breast with Wild Mushroom Gravy
If you're planning on six or fewer guests, roast a turkey breast. Not only will it taste delicious, but you can roast it more quickly and you won't have to deal with lots of leftovers. Try our Herbed Lemon Turkey Breast with Wild Mushroom Gravy with flavorful cherry-sage rub. If you need to make a whole turkey for a larger crowd, follow our instructions for a large gathering.