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Wedding Anniversary  Back to Events

A couple's life is filled with landmarks—their wedding day, the births of their children, vacations together and more. Celebrate the anniversary of your parents or close friends with a party that highlights their accomplishments.

  • Whether the couple has been married for five or 50 years, each year of marriage has a traditional anniversary gift associated with it.
  • Consider giving the gift of years spent together with friends and family. Tracking down old friends and distant relatives can be tricky, but you'll find helpful tips for creating your guest list.

For a smaller get-together, host a dinner party at home, serving the couple's favorite meal. If you plan on a large guest list, throw an open house to streamline necessary preparations. 

Whichever you choose, your neighborhood Publix has everything you need for a meaningful anniversary celebration.

To see our complete selection of exquisite Anniversary cakes, click here.

Menu Made Easy 

Here's where we've figured out courses and servings for the party. Scroll down to see the Publix selections we suggest, then add appropriate sizes and/or quantities to your Planning List based on the estimated servings per course (see chart). If you're interested in other options, you may click View All to see everything else available by course. Or, you can use our Plan a Menu tool to build your own menu for the event.

# of Guests: 8 to 12 16 to 20 26 to 30
Course Recommended # of Servings
Appetizer 8-12 16-20 26-30
Entrée 16-24 32-40 52-60
Side Dish 16-24 32-40 52-60
Breads and Rolls 12-18 24-30 39-45
Desserts 8-12 16-20 26-30

The recommended servings are meant as a guide and not an exact calculator. Please consider that many factors may require you to make adjustments: the mix of adults and children, time of day, length of event, etc.

Appetizer   View All
Shrimp Ring
Shrimp Ring


A ready-to-eat platter of medium-sized shrimp with tangy cocktail sauce, the perfect hors d'oeuvre for an intimate dinner or gathering.

(S) 1-2 Servings $8.99
(M) 3-6 Servings $16.99
(L) 6-10 Servings $24.99


Entrée   View All
Honey-Cured Spiral Sliced Ham
Honey-Cured Spiral Sliced Ham


Glazed with a blend of special spices to seal in the juices and sweet honey flavor. Spiral cut for easy serving. Serving ware shown not included.

Various Servings Market Price


Cheese Classic


From sharp to mellow, our tempting array includes Swiss, Pepperjack, Muenster, and sharp Cheddar. Also available with Boar's Head® cheeses.

(Publix, S) 8-12 Servings $24.99
(Publix, M) 16-20 Servings $29.99
(Publix, L) 26-30 Servings $35.99
(Boar's Head, S) 8-12 Servings $28.99
(Boar's Head, M) 16-20 Servings $33.99
(Boar's Head, L) 26-30 Servings $39.99

light-bodied & fruity

Side Dish   View All
Veggie Antipasti


An array of traditional Italian favorites including marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, roasted red tomatoes, pepperoncini, and olives.

(L) 26 - 30 Servings $44.99


Caesar Salad


Crisp romaine lettuce with aged Parmesan cheese, herb croutons, and Caesar dressing.

(S) 8-12 Servings $27.99
(M) 16-20 Servings $35.99
(L) 26-30 Servings $44.99

light-bodied & fruity

Breads and Rolls   View All


Baked fresh daily in the French tradition, our baguettes are soft on the inside with a crisp crust. For creating delicious sandwiches, or to complement a meal. Serving ware shown not included.

5-6 Servings $2.09


Reminder Items Select All

Details, Details
Extra help is here: We've made a list of items you may want to have on hand for this particular event. Check those you'd like to be reminded of when you go shopping, and then add to your Planning List along with your Publix selections.

balloons flowers plates
champagne gift card serving dishes
condiments greeting card thank you cards
cups/glasses ice utensils
decorations invitations wine/beer
disposable camera napkins


The Perfect Gift Made Easy

Use our new to help you pick the perfect gift card online and put it on your grocery list. Then you can breeze through the aisles and buy just the card you wanted in our store.

  • Take the guests of honor back in time with nostalgic tunes. Create a CD of retro love songs and other melodies that have special meaning to the couple.
  • Display wedding memorabilia and cherished mementos as party decorations. Label items, such as a dried bouquet of wedding flowers or a picture from a sweetheart's dance, with an anecdote or memory to personalize the presentation.