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Party Like a Pirate  Back to Events

If your birthday boy or girl loves to play pirate and "Ahoy, matey!" or "Shiver me timbers!" are common phrases in your house, a swashbuckling celebration is in order. 

Get guests into the spirit by sending handmade map invitations.

Decorate your pirate's cove with a red-white-and black-color scheme. 

Cover your dining table with a large map and place foil-covered coins and plastic jewels on top. 

Hide pirates' loot around the house and send guests on a treasure hunt to discover the secret stash. When they return, have them act out their favorite pirate characters - from Jack Sparrow to Captain Hook - during a game of charades.

After charades, serve food fit for little shipmates. Have an assortment of beverages available for guests to grab from a treasure-chest cooler. To make the chest, cover your cooler with brown or beige construction paper and embellish it with glitter and jewels. And to top it off, check out pirate party cakes at your neighborhood Publix Bakery.

Menu Made Easy 

Here's where we've figured out courses and servings for the party. Scroll down to see the Publix selections we suggest, then add appropriate sizes and/or quantities to your Planning List based on the estimated servings per course (see chart). If you're interested in other options, you may click View All to see everything else available by course. Or, you can use our Plan a Menu tool to build your own menu for the event.

# of Guests: 8 to 12 16 to 20 26 to 30
Course Recommended # of Servings
Appetizer 8-12 16-20 26-30
Entrée 8-12 16-20 26-30
Side Dish 16-24 32-40 52-60
Desserts 8-12 16-20 26-30

The recommended servings are meant as a guide and not an exact calculator. Please consider that many factors may require you to make adjustments: the mix of adults and children, time of day, length of event, etc.

Appetizer   View All
Deviled Eggs Platter


Our gourmet deviled eggs aren't just for picnics! Garnished with green and black olives.

(S) 8-12 Servings $19.99
(M) 16-20 Servings $29.99
(L) 26-30 Servings $33.99


Entrée   View All
Meal Wheel
Meal Wheel


A striking centerpiece dish. Egg bread stacked with your choice of roast beef, turkey, chicken breast, ham and swiss cheese, or veggie, dressed with lettuce and tomatoes. Also available with Boar's Head® meats and cheeses.

(Veggie) 4-6 Servings $9.99
(Publix) 4-6 Servings $13.99
(Boar's Head) 4-6 Servings $15.99


Side Dish   View All
Fresh Fruit


A beautiful arrangement of the season's best, including grapes, strawberries, oranges, pineapple and melons.

(S) 8-12 Servings $25.99
(M) 16-20 Servings $36.99
(L) 26-30 Servings $49.99


Cheese Taster


Nibble away on these delicious bite-size cheeses. Boar's Head® Cheddar, Gouda, Colby, Swiss, Havarti, Muenster, smoked Gruyère and Pepperjack.

(Boar's Head, S) 8-12 Servings $33.99
(Boar's Head, M) 16-20 Servings $43.99
(Boar's Head, L) 26-30 Servings $53.99


Reminder Items Select All

Details, Details
Extra help is here: We've made a list of items you may want to have on hand for this particular event. Check those you'd like to be reminded of when you go shopping, and then add to your Planning List along with your Publix selections.

balloons decorations invitations
birthday card flowers napkins
candles/matches gift wrap plates
chips & dip goodie bags serving dishes
condiments ice thank you cards
cups/glasses ice cream utensils

  • Reinvent an old favorite by playing a game of Capture the Flag. Or set up an obstacle course with a pirate-inspired twist to keep kids intrigued.
  • For party favors your shipmates can wear, make eye patches with black construction paper and colored yarn. Create pirate hats from newspaper and finger paint.