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New Year's Eve Bash  Back to Events

Whether you choose to have an adults-only celebration or include the kids in the New Year's Eve festivities, bring in 2014 with a bang.

Before you send out the invitations, decide whether you want your celebration to be just for grown-ups or for families. You can still accommodate children at an adults' party by hiring babysitters and setting up a kids' party room. Just be sure to make a note on the invitation so guests know it's okay to bring their kids along.

Or have a kid-friendly New Year's Eve by planning activities such as a family slumber party that all ages can enjoy together. Provide party hat materials so the kids can design their own. Cut a semicircle from sheets of decorative scrapbook paper. Form a cone shape and secure it with tape or staples. Add ribbon underneath so the hats stay on kids' heads, and embellish the hats with glitter glue, feathers and beads.

Pack the party with fun New Year's decorations and let your neighborhood Publix start your new year right by providing the food so you can enjoy everyone at the party.

Menu Made Easy 

Here's where we've figured out courses and servings for the party. Scroll down to see the Publix selections we suggest, then add appropriate sizes and/or quantities to your Planning List based on the estimated servings per course (see chart). If you're interested in other options, you may click View All to see everything else available by course. Or, you can use our Plan a Menu tool to build your own menu for the event.

# of Guests: 8 to 12 16 to 20 26 to 30
Course Recommended # of Servings
Appetizer 16-24 32-40 52-60
Entrée 8-12 16-20 26-30
Side Dish 16-24 32-40 52-60
Breads and Rolls 12-18 24-30 39-45
Desserts 16-24 32-40 52-60

The recommended servings are meant as a guide and not an exact calculator. Please consider that many factors may require you to make adjustments: the mix of adults and children, time of day, length of event, etc.

Appetizer   View All
Shrimp Ring
Shrimp Ring


A ready-to-eat platter of medium-sized shrimp with tangy cocktail sauce, the perfect hors d'oeuvre for an intimate dinner or gathering.

(S) 1-2 Servings $8.99
(M) 3-6 Servings $16.99
(L) 6-10 Servings $24.99


Olive Assortment


An assortment of imported olives ranging in flavor from light and fruity to full bodied and spicy.

(M) 16 - 20 Servings $44.99


Entrée   View All
Boar's Head® Terrific Quintet


A combination of five classics: Deluxe Roast Beef, Ovengold® Turkey and Maple Honey Ham with imported Swiss and yellow American cheeses.

(Boar's Head, S) 8-12 Servings $39.99
(Boar's Head, M) 16-20 Servings $53.99
(Boar's Head, L) 26-30 Servings $63.99


Side Dish   View All
Finishing Touches


All the toppings needed for a great sandwich! Allow your guests to customize their sandwiches with shredded lettuce, ripe tomatoes, onions, green bell peppers, dill pickles, black olives, banana peppers and jalapenos.

(S) 8-12 Servings $17.99
(M) 16-20 Servings $24.99
(L) 26-30 Servings $29.99


Breads and Rolls   View All
French Hamburger Buns
French Hamburger Buns


This may very well be the perfect sandwich bun. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, this bread will not fall apart even with the juiciest filling. Serving ware shown not included.

8-count,  6 - 8 Servings $3.49


Desserts   View All
Fruit-Filled Brown Derby
Fruit-Filled Brown Derby


Fresh strawberries and bananas, and succulent peach slices fill this delicious two-layer chocolate cake. It's adorned with vanilla whipped topping, chocolate cake crumbs, and a dusting of powdered sugar for a dramatic finish.

8-10 Servings $21.99


Reminder Items Select All

Details, Details
Extra help is here: We've made a list of items you may want to have on hand for this particular event. Check those you'd like to be reminded of when you go shopping, and then add to your Planning List along with your Publix selections.

balloons disposable camera serving dishes
champagne flowers thank you cards
condiments ice utensils
crackers invitations wine/beer
cups/glasses napkins
decorations plates

  • If you're having relatives over, quiz them about family events from the past year and encourage them to share stories by including silly questions such as "What did Grandma make for dinner on Mom's birthday?"
  • Have several corkscrews ready. In all the merriment, one may get misplaced. Also consider using decorative wine charms to help guests keep track of their glasses.