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Grown-up Birthday Bash  Back to Events

You may have outgrown princess and superhero parties, but you're never too old to celebrate birthdays. In fact, adult birthday parties can be just as festive as kids' celebrations. Throw a birthday party that's fun for everyone for yourself or a friend.

To instill your themed bash with a grown-up twist, build on the honoree's hobbies or dreams. For example, does your friend long for a Hawaiian vacation? Host a luau. Purchase or craft your own Hawaiian-theme invitations, encourage guests to wear Hawaiian attire, serve a spread of tropical food and drinks, and hand out leis as party favors.

No matter what type of shindig you host, share memories and play games that celebrate the guest of honor. Don't be bashful with decor: The right decorations establish a festive atmosphere. And remember: Whether you're 4 or 40, it's hard to pass up a good birthday cake!

Check out more general tips for throwing a successful adult birthday party. And for party-perfect foods, try our suggestions below.

Menu Made Easy 

Here's where we've figured out courses and servings for the party. Scroll down to see the Publix selections we suggest, then add appropriate sizes and/or quantities to your Planning List based on the estimated servings per course (see chart). If you're interested in other options, you may click View All to see everything else available by course. Or, you can use our Plan a Menu tool to build your own menu for the event.

# of Guests: 8 to 12 16 to 20 26 to 30
Course Recommended # of Servings
Appetizer 8-12 16-20 26-30
Entrée 8-12 16-20 26-30
Side Dish 16-24 32-40 52-60
Breads and Rolls 24-36 48-60 78-90
Desserts 8-12 16-20 26-30

The recommended servings are meant as a guide and not an exact calculator. Please consider that many factors may require you to make adjustments: the mix of adults and children, time of day, length of event, etc.

Appetizer   View All
Deviled Eggs Platter


Our gourmet deviled eggs aren't just for picnics! Garnished with green and black olives.

(S) 8-12 Servings $19.99
(M) 16-20 Servings $29.99
(L) 26-30 Servings $33.99


Entrée   View All
Honey-Cured Spiral Sliced Ham
Honey-Cured Spiral Sliced Ham


Glazed with a blend of special spices to seal in the juices and sweet honey flavor. Spiral cut for easy serving. Serving ware shown not included.

Various Servings Market Price


Cheese Classic


From sharp to mellow, our tempting array includes Swiss, Pepperjack, Muenster, and sharp Cheddar. Also available with Boar's Head® cheeses.

(Publix, S) 8-12 Servings $24.99
(Publix, M) 16-20 Servings $29.99
(Publix, L) 26-30 Servings $35.99
(Boar's Head, S) 8-12 Servings $28.99
(Boar's Head, M) 16-20 Servings $33.99
(Boar's Head, L) 26-30 Servings $39.99

light-bodied & fruity

Side Dish   View All
Fresh Fruit


A beautiful arrangement of the season's best, including grapes, strawberries, oranges, pineapple and melons.

(S) 8-12 Servings $25.99
(M) 16-20 Servings $36.99
(L) 26-30 Servings $49.99


Garden-Fresh Vegetables


Eat your vegetables - and love 'em! A bountiful harvest of carrots, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash with appetizing dips.

(S) 8-12 Servings $24.99
(M) 16-20 Servings $29.99
(L) 26-30 Servings $34.99

light-bodied & fruity

Breads and Rolls   View All
Assorted Breads and Rolls
Assorted Breads and Rolls


We bake fresh daily to bring you a selection including white mountain, round and long loaves of San Francisco sourdough, and multi-grain breads, silver dollar, potato, and Chicago hard rolls. Serving ware shown not included.

Various Servings Price Varies


Reminder Items Select All

Details, Details
Extra help is here: We've made a list of items you may want to have on hand for this particular event. Check those you'd like to be reminded of when you go shopping, and then add to your Planning List along with your Publix selections.

balloons disposable camera napkins
birthday card flowers plates
candles/matches gift card serving dishes
chips & dip gift wrap thank you cards
condiments ice utensils
cups/glasses ice cream wine/beer
decorations invitations


Choose the Perfect Gift

Use our new to help you choose the perfect gift card online for whomever you're giving it to. It's a cinch to add it to your grocery list and buy it next time you're in our store.

  • Display old photos for decorations. Create a collage for the cake table, or make a game of it by having guests guess what year the pictures were snapped.
  • Scan an old graduation or yearbook picture of the guest of honor to use as invitation artwork. Or go all out by making that era the theme of the party. Who says disco and fondue sets are out of style?