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Simply Elegant Winter Decor      Back to Event Details

Elegant Winter Decor

Everything's ready for your holiday party, but just one thing is missing—a festive centerpiece. You can make a graceful winter decoration in just minutes and add cheerful ruby accents to your holiday table or buffet.

It couldn't be simpler or more economical. Combine items you have on hand with the humble, versatile cranberry. The centerpiece shown is just one way to let the cranberry's natural beauty shine through; use your imagination to create others. The key to the effect is layering.

Small vase, bowl or platter
Large vase, bowl or platter
Cranberries (fresh or frozen; available at your neighborhood Publix)

  1. Start by placing a small container inside a larger one—a narrow vase inside a wider clear vase, a shallow bowl within a decorative basket or several smaller plates on a decorative platter (as pictured) Again, the idea is to use items you have on hand.
  2. Fill the small vessel with cranberries and a candle.
  3. Snip pieces from the back of your Christmas tree or from an evergreen in your yard. You can also collect snippets from your houseplants or use fresh herbs if you do not have a Christmas tree or outdoor greenery. Then place some greenery into the space between the vessels. Note: This arrangement lasts 1 to 2 weeks.

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