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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas      Back to Event Details

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

When it comes to a rehearsal dinner, anything goes—as long as it fits the bride and groom's personal style. Use these ideas as inspiration to plan a relaxed rehearsal dinner:

Bringing Everyone Together

  • Anyone—including the bride and groom, the bride's family or even close friends—can host the rehearsal dinner.
  • The bride and groom's immediate family and the bridal party and their spouses or significant others typically attend, but depending on your preferences, you can extend the invitation to out-of-town guests or others as well.
  • To familiarize guests with the wedding party, have the bride and groom introduce each person in the party and explain how they met.
  • Assign seats with gracious handwritten place cards to avoid confusion.
  • Mix up the seating arrangement to stimulate conversation. Seat the bride's younger brother by the groom's cousin, and the bride's favorite aunt by the bridal party, for example.

Creating an Inviting Atmosphere

  • Hosting the rehearsal dinner at home adds a comfortable touch.
  • The assortment of ready-made deli platters from your neighborhood Publix Deli takes the guesswork out of deciding what to serve to a large group.
  • Offering buffet-style service makes the dinner a snap—and it encourages guests to mingle.
  • If a cook or server is bringing out the meals, embellish place cards with a small icon—such as a blue or green dot—to help them remember what each guest is eating.
  • Choose decorations that reflect the bride and groom's tastes. If they prefer a classic look, incorporate the current season or their wedding colors and flowers into the decor. For a nontraditional twist, pick a theme such as a beach party or a shared hobby.
  • Create a slide show with pictures of the couple. Play the slide show on several monitors around the room so everyone can see it.
  • Have guests give toasts and share special memories of the couple. As a thoughtful gesture, the bride and groom may wish to toast the people who have helped make their upcoming day special.

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Prepare Food Safely 

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