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Thoughtful Retirement Gifts      Back to Event Details

Thoughtful Retirement

Gift-giving helps show retirees you value the dedication they've demonstrated over the years. This list of inspired ideas can help you select meaningful gifts the retiree should love—and use—during retirement.

  • Let the retiree's coworkers know they don't need to bring gifts if they attended a separate office retirement party and gave a token of their appreciation there.
  • Gather the mailing and email addresses of everyone at work and put them into an address book so the retiree can stay in touch. Supplement the gift with stationery.
  • Make a scrapbook filled with certificates, awards and pictures (look for old photos) to honor the retiree's achievements in and out of the office. Throughout the scrapbook, journal special messages and memories about the retiree. Contact friends and coworkers if you need help gathering materials.
  • Compile a video where friends, family and coworkers share their favorite memories about the retiree. Show the video at the party and present it to the retiree afterward.
  • Encourage the guest of honor's post-retirement relaxation with a gift certificate for a massage or spa day.
  • Does the retiree have a green thumb? Offer your best wishes in the form of lucky bamboo or a money-tree plant in an attractive planter.
  • Before the party, pool money from each guest who wants to contribute to a large group gift based on the retiree's plans. If the retiree wants to travel, purchase personalized luggage, travel books or a travel voucher that can be put toward a dream destination. (Don't forget postcards and stamps to share travel experiences!)
  • If the retiree specifically requests no gifts, consider pooling your money with other guests and making a donation in the retiree's name to a favorite charity.

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