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Sweet Surroundings

Dessert parties mix tasty decadence with fun times. This type of event is appropriate just about any time during the afternoon or evening, especially when you want to have a party in between meals. These suggestions can help you figure out the specific details:

  • It’s okay to indulge your sweet tooth before dinner. After an active day of bike riding, golfing or picnicking with friends, invite guests to your house for a late-afternoon dessert.
  • You can also open up your home to an afternoon of sweet surprises by hosting a potluck dessert party. Ask each guest to bring a favorite dessert to share (with recipes included, of course).
  • Consider hosting a dessert shindig at your house after an evening out with friends. In general, dessert parties need only last a few hours, so it’s the perfect way to end the evening.
  • A luscious dessert spread is a great reason to throw a party, but you can also make another occasion, such as a shower or birthday party, a sweets-only celebration.
  • To make room for the desserts, arrange several small tables dressed in pretty tablecloths or transform your kitchen island or dining table into a buffet setup.
  • Pre-slice desserts, but don’t worry about setting out individual servings.
  • Add a savory touch to your party with an assortment of cheeses. Select a variety from sharp to creamy to appeal to all tastes.
  • Set out a variety of cut fruits, pound cake or cheesecake bites. Use fondue pots to warm caramel, chocolate and fruit sauces so guests can choose their own flavorings.
  • If some guests don’t know each other, encourage conversation by putting an interactive spin on the party. For example, create a sundae station with a few flavors of ice cream and several toppings so guests can make their own treats.

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