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Speedy Cleanup Tips      Back to Event Details

null Throwing a tailgate party often means overtime work before you can head to the game. Luckily, with a little planning you can speed up the cleaning process. Here are some suggestions for tackling your post-party duties with ease:
  • Create a tailgate storage box. Store your game-day items, such as grilling utensils, plastic bags, can and bottle openers, tablecloths and plastic utensils, in the box. On game day, just pack the box and go!
  • Use disposable containers, paper plates and plastic utensils for packing and serving food so you don’t have to take home messy dishes.
  • Promote quick cleanup before the party even starts. Set out trash bags marked for garbage and recycling—all you have to do is gather the bags at the end of the event.
  • Enlist your friends and family to help out. Dividing cleanup responsibilities makes the process quicker and more manageable.
  • When you finish grilling, dispose of the charcoal and ashes. To avoid starting a fire, be sure they’re completely extinguished before tossing them into the garbage. Once your grill cools, store it in a trash bag to avoid getting your car dirty, and thoroughly clean the grill when you arrive home.
  • Store nonperishable leftover food in separate plastic bags.
  • If you use cutting boards to prepare food, wipe them immediately after use. Clean and sanitize them when you get home.
  • Respect your surroundings and clean up the area around your car after tailgating. If you see someone else’s litter, pick it up. It may not be your responsibility, but you’re contributing to a cleaner environment.

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