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Shared Celebration

Bridal showers aren’t just for women anymore. Put a modern twist on a traditional bridal shower with a Jack-and-Jill party that celebrates the future bride and groom. With a guest list composed of girls and guys, couple showers include everyone in the pre-wedding fun.

If you’re hosting a shower for men and women, forgo the fancy tea party and opt for a backyard barbecue, brunch or dinner party. Jack-and-Jill parties work best with an atmosphere that’s more casual and relaxed than that of a traditional bridal shower. Try to invite an even number of men and women, including everyone in the wedding party. When sending invitations, specifically mention the party’s coed nature so guests aren’t caught off guard.

To enhance the party and take the guesswork out of gift giving, throw a themed celebration. For example, a travel-theme party might include international cuisine and travel-inspired gifts such as luggage and photo albums. If you opt for a cookout, stick with the barbecue theme—serve hamburgers and hot dogs, play outdoor games and encourage guests to bring grilling- and alfresco dining-related gifts.

Get everyone laughing with a trivia game that tests the couple of honor’s knowledge of each other. Before the shower, contact the couple’s close friends and family. Ask them questions such as “What is the groom’s favorite band?” or “What is the bride’s dream vacation?” Make the questions as easy or as obscure as you wish, but make sure they’re appropriate. Include guests in the festivities by encouraging them to answer similar questions, and hand out prizes that relate to the party’s theme.


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