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Sensible Alcohol Facts      Back to Event Details

Whether you host a bridal shower or a New Year’s soiree, a joyous occasion often calls for a “spirited” celebration. Encourage guests to drink responsibly by serving alcohol in moderation and offering plenty of nonalcoholic beverages.

Fill your cart with the types of alcohol you know your guests enjoy, as well as plenty of regular and diet soft drinks and bottled water for younger guests, those who prefer nonalcoholic beverages, designated drivers and guests with dietary needs.

Keep your eyes peeled for beer and wine alternatives that look and taste similar to the real deal. Remember that:

  • Nonalcoholic or dealcoholized wines and nonalcoholic beer typically contain less than 0.5 percent alcohol.
  • As its name suggests, alcohol-free beer has zero alcohol and gets its taste from natural flavorings.
  • Light beer contains fewer calories than other beers but isn’t necessarily light on alcohol.
  • You can make your own low-alcohol wine coolers by combining 1 part wine with 1 part lemon-lime soda.

Try creating your own nonalcoholic sippers such as Shirley Temples too. Simply mix ginger ale with 1½ tablespoons of maraschino cherry juice and pour into a festive ice-filled glass. To whip up a refreshing frozen drink, toss peach yogurt, canned peaches and ice cubes into a blender.

Make safety your top priority! Never pressure anyone who declines an alcoholic drink. To soften the effects of alcohol, always serve a variety of snacks or other foods. Encourage dancing or other activities to take the emphasis off of drinking as the entertainment. Call a cab or open your house to guests who have had a little too much to drink.

Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase alcoholic beverages.


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