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Diego loves rescuing and learning about animals, so set your junior explorers loose on a safari around your house and yard to discover “wild” animals in true Diego fashion. The kids will roar with laughter as they document their expedition adventures with disposable cameras.

If you have the time, deck out the cameras in camouflage designs several days before the party. When the party is over, send guests home with cameras so they’ll have photos to remember the party. (Or save parents the trouble by developing all of the cameras and sending some of the best shots to the guests as a thank-you note.)

Camouflage Camera Materials
Waxed paper
Acrylic paint in a variety of colors
Disposable plate
Purchased disposable camera for each guest

Camouflage Camera Instructions

  1. Cover the work surface with waxed paper. Put a little of each color of paint onto a disposable plate
  2. Using the paintbrush, paint each camera as you wish, using stripes and dots of paint. Be careful not to paint the lens or the viewfinder. Let the paint dry. Repeat steps for each camera.

Game Materials
Miniature plastic animals or stuffed toy animals
Camouflage cameras (see instructions above)

Game Instructions

  1. Before the party, hide plastic or stuffed toy animals around your house and yard. Because you’ve probably acquired more than a few toy animals over the years, use a symbol—such as your child’s name or a blue circle—to label the specific animals you want guests to find.
  2. Explain to guests that your home has been transformed into a jungle and that wild animals hide around every corner. (Be sure to let them know about any areas that are off-limits and to look only for labeled animals. For very young children, show them a labeled animal and reassure them that the animals aren’t dangerous.)
  3. Have guests pair off into teams—explorers always take along at least one buddy.
  4. Send guests out with their camouflage cameras to bring home the animals. Ask them to take photos of the animals (and friends) as they collect the creatures they find.
  5. After 15 or 20 minutes, call the kids back to base camp. See who found the most animals. Have an animal-trading session, if you like.

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