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Pre-Wedding Snacks      Back to Event Details

Prewedding Snacks

From making certain that dresses and tuxes fit perfectly to decorating the nuptial and reception site, important last-minute details fill the day of the wedding. Food may be the last thing on your mind. Remembering to eat before the wedding ensures that the bridal party stays energized. Make proper nutrition one of your wedding-day priorities with these tips:

  • The adage "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" holds especially true on your wedding day. If your budget allows—and the timing is logical—provide the entire wedding party with a healthy breakfast to jump-start the day.
  • If you're having a late-afternoon or evening ceremony, make sure the wedding party eats several small meals throughout the day. To take the guesswork out of food prep, order platters of food from your neighborhood Publix Deli that provide a mix of carbohydrates and protein. Select from a variety of easy-snack options, including vegetable, cheese, fruit and meat platters.
  • Have food and water on hand at all times so members of the bridal party can snack between getting hair and nails done, doing makeup and taking photos.
  • Drink water throughout the day.
  • Steer clear of fried foods and snacks that have a high salt or sugar content.
  • Select snacks that won't stain skin or clothing.
  • Make food safety a top priority. For example, keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold at all times, and avoid cross-contamination.

Choose Your Own Courses

Planning your own menu is easy! Visit Plan a Menu and view our delicious selections by course. Then, just decide which ones you want and add them to your planning list.

Put easy shopping on your list

At our new we’ll help you choose the perfect gift card online from over 70 retailers. Then just add it to your grocery list and buy it when you get your groceries.

Prepare Food Safely 

To ensure that your food stays safe after leaving Publix and while you’re preparing it, be sure to follow these four simple food safety guidelines.