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Practically Perfect

Do the bride-to-be a huge favor and host a practical-theme shower that’s fun and fits her lifestyle. Here are a few common themes to get you started:

Cooking Celebration. Whether the guest of honor is a budding chef or a culinary rookie, she’ll appreciate a kitchen-theme shower. Ask your guests to share their favorite recipes and kitchen gadgets to fill the bride’s kitchen. Or each person could bring the cookware and ingredients needed to prepare a favorite recipe. To give the celebration an international flavor, have your guests prepare a specific type of cuisine and bring samples and copies of the recipe to share during the party.

Around the Clock. Assign each guest a specific time of day, and have her shower the bride with time-specific gifts. You can be as specific as noon or as general as “bath time.” For example, a guest assigned noon could give a restaurant gift certificate or picnic basket, while a guest assigned to bath time might bring towels and lotions.

Posh Pampering. Every bride deserves to relax before her big day, so gather the gals for an afternoon of pampering at a local spa that hosts showers. While treating yourselves to manicures, pedicures and massages, share favorite memories of the bride-to-be and nosh on bite-size nibbles.

Practically Perfect

Garden Party. Host a garden gathering in your backyard or at a botanical center. To save money, borrow elegant outdoor furniture. Complement the botanical theme with food that’s equally refreshing. Try fruit skewers, tomatoes stuffed with herbed cheese and sparkling water with fresh raspberries. Have guests bring garden- or yard-related gifts to inspire the guest of honor’s green thumb.

Artistic Outing. If the bride-to-be knows her Monet from Manet, rent out the local art gallery (or a room at the gallery) and enjoy the artwork. Have guests chip in for a gift certificate to the art gallery, so the guest of honor can select a new piece of art. Afterward, invite guests back to your house for appetizers. You could also arrange for guests to take a group art class, such as pottery. That way, the bride—and her guests—learns a new skill and makes something she can take home.

Room to Room. Divide all the rooms in the house among guests, and have each give an appropriate gift for that room. A guest assigned the bedroom might give bed linens while a guest assigned the kitchen may give a tea-drinking bride a colorful new teapot.

Charity Event. The bride-to-be may feel she already has everything she needs. If she specifically requests no gifts at her shower, encourage guests to donate money that would have been spent on gifts to her favorite charity.


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