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Personalized Baseballs      Back to Event Details

Personalized Baseballs

Older kids who are into sports will have a ball creating these special keepsakes that boldly display the first letter of their first or last name. To ensure that the baseballs have plenty of time to dry, complete several of the steps in the days before the party and have guests complete them at the beginning of the event.

Baseballs or softballs, one per guest
Acrylic paints in black and the colors of local sports teams
Medium-size flat paintbrush
Crackling medium
Vinyl adhesive-backed letters that fit on baseballs
Small flat paintbrush
Assorted wood candleholders, one for each baseball
Fine-liner paintbrush
Fine sandpaper (optional)

Several days before the party, start preparing the baseballs and candleholders. The birthday child can get in on the fun by choosing colors and, if interested, helping with the painting.

  1. Paint the baseballs black. Allow paint to dry according to the manufacturer's instruction. Apply a second coat, if necessary. Let dry.
  2. Paint a heavy coat of crackling medium over black paint. Let dry.
  3. Paint the candleholders in colors that coordinate with the baseballs. Paint sections of the candleholders in different colors. Add dots by dipping the handle end of the paintbrush into paint and dotting onto the surface. Paint other designs with a fine brush.
  4. When all the paint is dry, you may decide to lightly sand some of the edges of the candleholders with fine sandpaper to create a worn look.

Kick off the party by having guests customize their baseballs. Not only does this activity spark conversation but it also gives the balls ample time to dry.

  1. Apply a vinyl adhesive-backed letter to one side of the baseball, avoiding the stitched seam.
  2. Choose the color of acrylic paint you wish to use. Using a small flat brush, apply a medium coat of paint to the ball. Apply paint over the vinyl letter, brushing outward. Brush paint lightly over stitching, allowing black to remain in the crevices. Avoid brushing repeatedly over brushstrokes. The paint crackles as it dries. Once it's dry, gently peel away the adhesive letter.
  3. At the end of the party, send guests home with their baseballs and candleholder display stands.

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