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Wine Tasting

At your next gathering, tantalize guests' taste buds with winning wine-and-food combinations. Don't know what wines pair well with which foods? No worries. Try these surefire wine-and-dine suggestions:

Cheese is an essential element of any wine-tasting party. To ensure variety, offer cheeses with a range of textures and flavors. Consider mixing cheeses from each milk source (cow, goat and sheep). For example, you could serve fresh goat cheese, creamy Brie (made from cow's milk) and firm Manchego (made from sheep's milk).

Pair wines and cheeses with matching flavors and mouthfeel. For example, link creamy-textured cheeses with heavy, dessert-type wines because both have a thick, rich feel on the tongue. Generally, tangy, fresh goat cheese tastes best with crisp white wine.

Above all, remember that there's nothing wrong with experimenting—select your favorite wines and cheeses and see what combinations you prefer.

If you're serving dinner, fuller-flavored foods usually taste better with fuller-bodied wines. A pasta-and-red-sauce meal goes especially well with a bottle of Merlot or Chianti. Enhance the flavor of roasted chicken with Chablis or Johannisburg Riesling, and accompany steak with a glass of red Zinfandel or Barolo.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, complement a luscious slice of chocolate cake or other dessert with a small glass of dessert wine such as Eiswein, Late Harvest Riesling or Sauternes. Be sure to select a wine that's sweeter than the dessert so the wine isn't overshadowed.

Check out our Food & Wine Pairings Chart for more detailed pairing recommendations.

Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase wine.


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