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Pass the Kryptonite      Back to Event Details

Kryptonite may be bad news for Superman, but the green substance enlivens any superhero party. Put a superhuman spin on the traditional hot potato game with a green glow stick or paper towel tube wrapped in green paper.

  • Create a kryptonite cave by covering with long strips of green crepe paper the entrance to the room where the game will be played.
  • Fill the room with green balloons, streamers, tablecloths and even colored lightbulbs to set the superhero theme.
  • Have guests sit in a circle on the floor and pass the kryptonite as superhero music plays. (Playing the Superman movie theme is a must, but also try songs from Spiderman, Batman and The Incredibles.)
  • When the music stops, the person holding the kryptonite leaves the circle. Give him or her a small prize. Play until one person is left. Give the last player a prize for winning the game.

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