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Party with Pizzazz      Back to Event Details

Party with Pizzazz

From traveling and gardening to motorcycling and celeb-watching, your friends’ hobbies can be as different as their personalities. What’s the secret to throwing a successful hobby-inspired bash every time? Pick a theme and carry it through in the decor and party favors. Get inspired with these hobby-theme party ideas:

For the Globetrotter

  • An assortment of world flags and exotic photos enhances a travel-theme party.
  • Prep travel enthusiasts for their next flight with a travel pack that meets the Federal Aviation Authority’s rules for carrying liquids on airplanes.
For the Green Thumb
  • Fill clear, shallow bowls with water and float single flower blossoms.
  • Gather friends for an elegant afternoon tea party in a garden. Serve beverages and bite-size savories from your neighborhood Publix.
  • Send home small potted plants.
For the Scrapbooker
  • Host a scrapbook “crop” party where each guest designs a special page featuring the guest of honor. At the end of the party, compile the pages into a book as a gift from everyone.
  • Place fabric remnants, ribbon snippets, paper scraps and loose embellishments on tables along with the tools necessary to make the pages.
For the Celeb-Crazed Friend
  • If you and your friends enjoy dressing up now and then, give everyone an excuse to show off their favorite evening dresses and formal wear with a “Night at the Oscars” party.
  • Roll out the red carpet and hire a photographer to snap pictures as guests make their grand entrance.
  • Play movie or TV trivia games, vote on movie favorites and award prizes.
For the Food and Wine Lover
  • Whip up a tasty meal from new recipes in your kitchen with food-loving friends. Enjoy the meal together at the end of the party.
  • Stock guests' kitchens with measuring spoons, your favorite recipe or a collection of Aprons Simple Meals Recipe Cards as party favors.
  • If you're a wine connoisseur (and even if you aren't), check out our tips for hosting a wine-tasting party.
For the Car or Motorcycling Enthusiast
  • Rev guests’ engines with bandannas in colorful prints and designs as party favors.
  • Play tunes like “Born to Be Wild” and decorate the tables with miniature motorcycles or cars.

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