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Baby Shower Couples

Make your next baby shower a family affair by including both the mom- and dad-to-be. A casual barbecue is an appropriate setting for a coed couples’ shower with a relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to invite men and women, and choose invitations and decorations that aren’t overly feminine. In addition to the baby-related suggestions below, remember to include activities such as lawn games that will keep everyone interested and involved.

Putting a twist on traditional shower games makes them fun for both sexes. Try these ideas:

  • Compile a list of famous nursery rhyme characters and write each on a separate note card. Tape a note card to each guest’s back and have them ask “yes” or “no” questions of other guests to figure out which character they are.
  • Have guests jot down their favorite childhood memories. Read these memories aloud and have the expectant parents guess what memory belongs to which guest.
  • Create a one-month calendar focused around the baby’s due date (three weeks before and one week after). Let guests take turns guessing the due date and the baby’s gender. Be sure to record each guess on the calendar—whoever is closest gets a prize when the baby is born.
  • Play baby-theme Pictionary. Make a list of words associated with babies. Have guests draw items from the list while the others guess what they are.
  • Test everyone’s baby knowledge with a trivia game that mixes fact and fiction. Have each guest take a turn pulling a statement out of a bowl and guessing whether or not the statement is true.

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