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All-Star Obstacle Course      Back to Event Details

Obstacle Course

Score points for fun with an obstacle course that has guests jumping, crawling and hopping around your yard. Use materials from around the house—chairs, jump ropes and more—to set up the course. Depending on the guests’ ages, have them try the following challenges:

  • Have kids dash through hula hoops or spin one around their waists several times.
  • Walk like crabs. To get in the crab position, kids should have their upper bodies facing the sky, with their hands and feet touching the ground. Kids might also enjoy leaping like frogs.
  • Tie a string between two chairs so guests can crawl underneath. Or cover a table with a long tablecloth and have kids wiggle through the "tunnel."
  • Practice fancy footwork. Arrange traffic cones in a zigzag pattern so guests can dribble a soccer ball through the course.
  • For a twist on jumping rope, encourage guests to swing the rope backward, hop on one foot or cross their feet in an X-shape as they jump.
  • Have guests put a basketball or soccer ball between their legs and run to the finish line without dropping the ball.
  • For a teamwork-inspired twist, have the kids form a circle and join hands. Each guest has to step through a hula hoop and pass it to the next person without letting go.

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