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La Quinceañera      Back to Event Details

La Quinceanera

A Quinceañera celebration is a rich part of Hispanic heritage, but you don't have to be Hispanic to enjoy the festivities. As our society becomes more multicultural, you may be asked to host or participate in a Quinceañera. Keep these essentials in mind as you take part in the special occasion:

Location. Book the church at least one year in advance. Do the same for the reception venue and make sure the site accommodates dinner and dancing.

Court. As soon as you book the location, have the girl select the members of her court. Traditionally the court consists of seven boys (chambelanes) and seven girls (damas), who support the Quinceañera girl during the event and perform a dance with her at the reception. (A court of 14 plus the guest of honor equals 15, the special age.) The court may consist of fewer than 14 people, and some girls may choose to have just seven chambelanes or seven damas rather than having a mixed court of boys and girls.

Dress. Choosing a fancy gown can be one of the best parts of a Quinceañera. White is the classic dress color, but the guest of honor can pick her favorite hue—she'll want to stand out among her court. The damas usually wear matching dresses, and chambelanes typically wear tuxedos. Traditionally the guest of honor wears flat or low-heel shoes to Mass, then her father changes her shoes to high heels at the beginning of the party to symbolize her transition into womanhood. Select comfortable dancing shoes.

Flowers. Some girls choose to carry a bouquet during Mass, and floral centerpieces enliven the reception. For a cohesive look, select flowers that match or complement the Quinceañera's color scheme. For example, to put a modern twist on the traditional pink color scheme, order an arrangement with different shades of pink.

Dinner. Base the menu around the guest of honor's favorite foods. Serving food buffet-style cuts costs. Also offer a selection of easy-to-handle finger foods, which make it easy for guests to mingle and dance.

Cake. Sweeten the Quinceañera with a multitier cake as festive as the event. Your neighborhood Publix Bakery can create a party-perfect confection. To give the dessert traditional appeal, select icing that matches the color of the damas' dresses or the celebrant's gown. Embellish the cake with a fancy topper such as a Quinceañera figurine or tiara.

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