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Kiss the Frog

No princess party is complete without a frog that patiently waits for the magical kiss that transforms him into a handsome prince. With this enchanting game, every guest at your child’s party gets the chance to plant a pair of paper lips on the mouth of a comical cartoon frog.


Green poster board
Red or pink poster board
White paper
Colored marker
Poster tack


  1. Draw a large frog on the green poster board. Sketch a large oval head at the top and a pear-shape body with webbed feet at the bottom.
  2. Cut out the frog.
  3. Draw two large, friendly-looking eyes on the white paper.
  4. Cut out the eyes and glue them onto the green frog; let dry.
  5. Draw a playful mouth and nostril holes on the frog’s face.
  6. Draw large lips on the red or pink poster board. Cut one pair of lips for each princess.
  7. Apply a small amount of poster tack (sold at most office supply and craft stores) to the back of the lips.


  1. Each party guest prints her name on her paper lips.
  2. Blindfold the party princess with the bandanna and lightly spin her around a few times.
  3. Hand the princess her pair of paper lips and point her in the right direction. Ask her to try to stick her kiss onto the frog’s mouth.
  4. Repeat until each princess has played.
  5. The princess with the kiss closest to the frog’s mouth wins.

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