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Helpful Tailgating Tips      Back to Articles

null Set up a spread of food that lasts from pregame to overtime and keep things safe and delicious with these guidelines:
  • Prepare warm foods, such as chili or hot dips, in a slow cooker. If you plan to transport slow-cooked foods, keep them warm by wrapping the lid of the crockery dish in foil and covering the rest of the dish with towels.
  • Store cold foods and beverages in the refrigerator or ice-filled coolers until you are ready to serve. Pack plenty of ice to keep food cold, and store coolers in a shady spot until you’re ready to eat. Ice packs or blocks last longer than ice cubes.
  • Pack an extra jug or two of water to have on hand to quickly rinse hands or serving utensils from home. A container of hand wipes works well, too.
  • Send invitations that encourage guests to pull out all the stops with their favorite team apparel: go for striped socks, jerseys, and face paint galore! Guests who favor rival teams can compete for “best dressed.”
  • Serve food that’s easy to grab during timeouts. Skewer meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies, and dish smaller items like popcorn or chips and dip into plastic cups.

Choose Your Own Courses

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Put easy shopping on your list

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Prepare Food Safely 

To ensure that your food stays safe after leaving Publix and while you’re preparing it, be sure to follow these four simple food safety guidelines.