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Heartfelt Gifts for Mom      Back to Event Details

Heartfelt Gifts for Mom

Top off your tasty brunch with homemade presents prepared by the whole family. Surprise Mom the day before with a rejuvenating spa and pedicure at the local spa. Use the time she's gone to assemble gifts. Here are some suggestions:

  • Dress up a plain wooden tray with a coat of paint in her favorite color. Allow to dry. Then line the bottom of the tray with coordinating fabric and cover the fabric with a snug-fitting piece of glass. (You'll find the glass in the framing department of art supply stores.) You can arrange presents on the tray; afterwards Mom can use the tray to corral jewelry.
  • Involve the entire family in making handmade cards. Have Dad cut and fold card stock (or purchase ready-made blank cards) for each family member to color and embellish with strips of paper and ribbon. Finish with personal messages to Mom.
  • Design custom stationery: Round up the little ones and have them draw special pictures for Mom. Scan the artwork, scale it down and print it on card stock.
  • Create personalized gift boxes by wrapping boxes and lids in coordinating papers. While Dad places photos into small metal frames (found at scrapbooking stores) and glues a frame onto one side of each box, kids can draw their own pictures for Mom directly on the boxes.

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