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Gifts for Great Dads      Back to Event Details

Great Dads

Give Dad the day off this Father’s Day and treat him to his favorite meal and meaningful gifts. Look to these suggestions for inspiration when showing Dad just how special he really is. Let the kids help choose and assemble the gifts:

  • Create a coupon book with offers Dad can't pass up—perhaps a car wash, a favorite meal or a night out on the town—that he can redeem whenever he pleases. Mix in easy offers for hugs and playing his favorite game. Engage the whole family in designing and printing the coupons.
  • Assemble a kit based on Dad's favorite activity. If he loves music, include tickets to an upcoming concert, an mp3 player loaded with his favorite tunes or an iPod Sport Kit so he can track his runs motivated by music. Or if grilling is more his style, fill a picnic basket with fire-resistant mitts, a rib rack and a new apron. Have the kids jazz up a plain white apron with fabric paints to personalize the gift even more.
  • Transform your favorite family photos into magnets. Reduce the size of the pictures, print them and cut them into circular shapes. Have the kids glue the pictures onto magnets, then glue a flattened clear glass bead on top to magnify the image. Or for larger pictures simply insert photos into clear plastic frames with magnetic backings.
  • Surprise Dad with tickets to his favorite sporting event, theater show or movie he wants to see and prepare a special dinner at home before the show.

Choose Your Own Courses

Planning your own menu is easy! Visit Plan a Menu and view our delicious selections by course. Then, just decide which ones you want and add them to your planning list.

Put easy shopping on your list

At our new we’ll help you choose the perfect gift card online from over 70 retailers. Then just add it to your grocery list and buy it when you get your groceries.

Prepare Food Safely 

To ensure that your food stays safe after leaving Publix and while you’re preparing it, be sure to follow these four simple food safety guidelines.