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feed dino

Dinosaurs need to eat too, so when the kids finish devouring dinosaur birthday treats, round them up for a rousing round of Feed the Dinosaur.

This fun game takes a traditional beanbag toss to a new level by letting partygoers walk on the wild side. Each guest pitches beanbag “food” through the mouth of a hungry-looking dinosaur made of cardboard. Draw a ravenous tyrannosaurus rex or create the guest of honor’s favorite dinosaur.

Alter the game according to age and skill level. Give younger guests three tries to “feed the dinosaur” from the same spot. Add a challenge for older kids by gradually increasing the space between them and the dinosaur. For “dessert,” give each player a dinosaur-theme party favor.


1 large piece of cardboard
Sturdy chair
Masking tape (optional)
Dinosaur-theme party favors for all guests


  1. Draw a dinosaur face on a large piece of cardboard. Be sure to add teeth.
  2. Cut the mouth from the cardboard face; leave enough space for a beanbag to pass through. The younger the guests, the larger the mouth should be.
  3. Prop the cardboard against a chair.
  4. Place a line of masking tape on the floor in front of the dinosaur cutout to indicate where the children stand for their turns.


  1. Give each guest a beanbag.
  2. Let young guests have three tries at tossing the beanbag through the dinosaur’s mouth from the same spot.
  3. Have older guests take a step back each time they successfully feed the dinosaur.
  4. Give each guest a dinosaur-theme prize when they succeed in tossing a beanbag into the dinosaur’s mouth. If a few guests don’t get the beanbag into the target, award them favors when the game is over so everyone feels included.

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