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Family Reunion Activity Guide      Back to Event Details

Activity Guide

Allow plenty of free time for the family to hang out and get reacquainted. Some of the best memories will come from these unplanned moments of just being together. This is especially important for first reunions or whenever you have a large group.

Ask people to bring their own sports equipment and plan a variety of regular vacation activities, such as tennis, hiking and swimming.

Balance your reunion with a variety of games and projects too. Organized activities can help get everyone acquainted.

Family History Activities
What better time to catch up on family genealogy than when everyone is gathered for a reunion?

  • Make a family-tree chart. Post it on a wall or bulletin board and ask everyone to fill in birthdays and other information about family members.
  • Hold a storytelling hour. Let the older generation share their experiences with the younger generation and have the kids tell the grandparents about their lives.
  • Tour the family homestead, church or cemetery.
  • Make a memorabilia table. In your invitation ask family members to bring treasured items to share along with a written description explaining what makes them special.
  • Hold a family trivia contest. This can be a great way to kick off your reunion.
  • Interview relatives about family history. Take notes or video family members talking about important milestones in their lives.
  • Create individual family history books. Provide scrapbooking materials and ask each person (including the kids) to create a page that tells about their life.

Games and Contests

  • Rent a karaoke machine and include songs from all eras. The family hams will love this opportunity to shine.
  • Stage a family scavenger hunt. Make a list of easy and crazy items to retrieve and let family teams compete.
  • Organize old-fashioned games. Relay races, sack races and water-balloon or egg tosses are all simple activities but big hits.
  • Host a family game show. Either make your own version or rent light-up answer boards for games of Jeopardy, Name That Tune or Family Feud.
  • Play sports. Have softball, kickball or touch football games.
  • Set up tournaments of horseshoes, Ping-Pong or golf.
  • Bring out bingo. This is an across-generations, all-ages activity. Provide fun prizes.
  • Give awards. Make ribbons or certificates for categories such as the oldest and youngest family members or those who traveled the farthest.
Activity Guide


  • Swap recipes. Ask everyone to bring a favorite recipe to share, along with any memory or historical significance attached to the dish. Copy all the recipes and assemble a family cookbook.
  • Hold an auction. Everyone can donate something special to be auctioned either by live or silent bids. It might be family memorabilia, homemade baked goods or crafts. Use the money to fund your next reunion or donate the proceeds to a favorite family charity.
  • Put on a show. Ask everyone to bring home videos and host an evening of family movies. Or designate someone to video highlights of the reunion and, at the end of the event, have a premiere showing.
  • Take a group photo; it will be a lasting souvenir. To catch the best turnout, take it midway through the event rather than at the beginning or end. Draft the best family photographer to organize the shot.
  • Sew a family quilt. Have everyone stitch their own squares or work together on a quilt that showcases your family's heritage or talents.
  • Celebrate birthdays. Make a master calendar that includes everyone's birthday, then copy and share it at the end of the reunion. Encourage the kids to create cards they can send to relatives throughout the year.

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