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Dino Dig

Unleash partygoers’ inner paleontologist with an exciting (and easy-to-create) excavation game. Supply each guest with proper digging tools - a plastic pail and shovel - and watch the excitement as they unearth dinosaur-theme party favors buried in sand.

To make this an educational activity, read books about dinosaurs when the kids are done digging. This calms down little ones before their parents arrive and helps youngsters learn more about their favorite prehistoric pals. With a pail full of dinosaur treasures and a brain full of knowledge, each junior explorer leaves happy—no bones about it.


Sandbox or small inflatable swimming pool
Small toy dinosaurs
Hollow plastic toy eggs
Dinosaur sticker sheets
Packaged dinosaur-shape fruit snacks
1–2 bags of sand
Small plastic shovels
Small plastic pails
Books: For older kids, Dinosaur Valley by Mitsuhiro Kurokawa (Chronicle Books, 1997); try Dinosaur Roar by Paul Stickland (Dutton, 1998).


  1. Find a spot outside or cover the floor inside with a tarp for easy cleanup.
  2. Fill the sandbox or pool with the goodies listed above and any other dinosaur-theme trinkets you choose.
  3. Cover the treasures with sand.


  1. Have the paleontologists take turns digging through the sand with small shovels to find a treasure. (One treasure per turn, please.) Be sure to brush sand off any packages of edible goodies before kids open them.
  2. Repeat until all goodies are gone, and read a book about dinosaurs when you’re finished.

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