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Determining the Details

Hobbies may come in many forms, but they all have one thing in common: They're more fun when shared with friends. Follow these suggestions for celebrating your guest of honor—and their favorite pastime.

  • Keep the guest of honor's clubs, volunteer work and even career in mind when selecting your party theme—many people consider these hobbies.
  • Ask someone who shares the guest of honor's interests to participate in the festivities. For example, if the interest is music, have a local musician perform. If it's cooking, ask a local chef to give a cooking lesson. Or check the Publix Aprons Cooking School Calendar for private or scheduled classes.
  • Sign up for a group lesson or hobby-specific class. Be sure to check into group rates. Who knows? You may even inspire other guests to take up the hobby.
  • For a celebration for a sports fan, organize a golf outing or check out these sports party ideas.
  • Suggest that guests bring gifts related to the hobby: supplies, gift cards, tickets to events or classes. For a more personal touch, offer to babysit the kids for an afternoon and cook dinner so the birthday guy or gal can indulge guilt-free.
  • Sprinkle fun, hobby-related accents around the room to give the event a cohesive look and instantly set the mood. Framed photos of the guest of honor in action—from childhood to the present day—add a personal touch.
  • Keep the good tunes rolling and throw in a few hobby-specific songs if you can find them. Create a playlist of the honoree's favorites mixed with other party music to help set the tone of the event.
  • When the festivities wrap up, bring everyone back to your kitchen for tantalizing birthday treats or a dessert party.

Choose Your Own Courses

Planning your own menu is easy! Visit Plan a Menu and view our delicious selections by course. Then, just decide which ones you want and add them to your planning list.

Put easy shopping on your list

At our new we’ll help you choose the perfect gift card online from over 70 retailers. Then just add it to your grocery list and buy it when you get your groceries.

Prepare Food Safely 

To ensure that your food stays safe after leaving Publix and while you’re preparing it, be sure to follow these four simple food safety guidelines.