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Creating the Guest List      Back to Event Details

Creating the Guest List

From the newest family addition to the matchmaking college friend who set up the guests of honor, a mix of special people have helped shape the couple’s married lives.

Finding old acquaintances and distant relatives can be challenging, but these resourceful tips can help bring everyone together. (When compiling the guest list, remember the couple’s preference for how large or intimate the party should be.)

  • Consult the couple for guest list suggestions. If you’re planning a surprise party, use your best judgment. Does the couple regularly throw large parties, or do they enjoy quiet evenings at home? Consider inviting the following people:
    • Current and former neighbors
    • Colleagues
    • Classmates and teachers (check old yearbooks)
    • Childhood friends
    • Their children’s closest friends
    • Friends from volunteer groups, clubs and other organizations
    • Extended family

  • Browse through your address book to gather names. If possible, try to get hold of the couple of honor’s address book too.
  • Invite guests who live far away—especially if they’ve been a special part of the couple’s life. Even if you’re not sure they’ll be able to travel for the event, it’s best to extend the invitation.
  • Give yourself ample time to track down guests. If one lead turns out to be a dead end, you have time to start over. Try these methods:
    • Perform a basic search of the person’s name on or an Internet search engine.
    • Check out social networking websites such as or to connect with old friends.
    • If a basic search doesn’t work, narrow your search by gathering specific clues about each person such as age, occupation, married name and community or club affiliations.
    • If you still can’t locate someone, try to contact parents or siblings to see whether they can provide current information.
    • If all else fails and there’s someone on the list you’re willing to go all out to find, head to your local library and look through phone books from around the country. You’ll also find a national database of obituaries there, which often tell you where surviving family members are living.

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