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Crafty Crowns      Back to Event Details

crafty crowns

The guest of honor and her royal court will delight in dazzling crowns they can wear and enjoy long after the party. Part of the fun for little princesses is decorating their crowns with colorful “jewels” such as pom-poms and stamp designs. Before guests leave, be sure to take pictures of them wearing their royal headgear. Note: The crowns take 30 minutes to dry, so make them when the party starts to ensure the girls can wear them home.


Two strips of colored construction paper (2 inches wide by 12 inches long)
Blunt-edge scissors
Paper plate
Several medium-size pom-poms (various colors)
Decorative stamps (any shape)
Stamp/ink block (any color)
Glitter pens


  1. Tape the two strips of construction paper together at one end to make a 24-inch-long strip. Place the long strip around the child’s head to measure the length.
  2. Cut the strip to an appropriate length to fit the child’s head. Label the strip with the child’s name.
  3. Make diagonal cuts halfway down the strip to resemble pointy teeth. Children 3 years old and up can assist with cutting. Help younger children.
  4. Squeeze glue onto a paper plate and let children dab their index fingers in it to make dots on the crown.
  5. Attach pom-poms to the glue.
  6. Have little ones embellish their creative crowns with stamps and glitter pens. Allow the strips to dry for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Tape each strip together at the ends and place the majestic crown on the head of the little princess.

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