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Blooming Easter Creations      Back to Event Details

Blooming Easter Creations

Show off your great sense of style by creating a spring arrangement: There's no better time to savor the brightest offerings of nature. Add your personal touch to seasonal flowers and—voila!—you're ready to entertain.

Planter or long dish
2 or 3 small potted crocus or tulip plants (available at your neighborhood Publix)
Ribbon or bow

  1. Place pots of crocus or tulip plants directly into your planter or dish. Space them evenly so they don't look cramped.
  2. Fill your planter or dish with marbles so they mound up at the top of the planter; pack adequately so the pots cannot be seen.
  3. Tie a sheer ribbon or bow around the arrangement to finish it off.

More Ideas
Keep in mind that you can make many centerpieces with items from around your home. Here are three simple ideas:

  • Fill a shallow bowl with sand and an assortment of seashells.
  • Arrange different-size candles on a tray and surround them with smooth, colored stones.
  • Stack fresh produce such as lemons, limes or oranges in a widemouthed vase.

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