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Our Princess
Our Princess

175 - 225 Servings

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Give her the royal treatment with this fairy-tale cake that spotlights attendants, too.
Deposit is required on cake stand and fountain. Attendants, and bridges, are extra. Customer to provide floral accents and tulle around base. As shown, this cake easily serves 175-225 guests. Main cake layers measure 16" and 12" across, topped by doll cake. Each side cake's layers measure 8" and 6" across.

Our cakes can be customized to accommodate the number of guests you need to serve. We can add or remove tiers, or adjust sizes. Our decorators will be happy to merge our designs to create your unique, custom-decorated cake.
Please place your order with the Publix Bakery at least four (4) weeks in advance to allow time to procure your favorite ornament along with any other special requirements for the cake of your dreams.
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