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Cake Toppers
Cake Toppers
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Traditionally reserved for a likeness of the bride and groom or fanciful symbols of love and romance like doves, hearts, rings, and lace, the cake topper puts the crowning touch on your reception. If you're doing something unique for your cake topper—perhaps using a keepsake family heirloom or an unusual figurine—just let your cake decorator know. He or she can properly prepare the top tier of your cake so your topper can be easily placed. Take a look at our special selection of Monogram Toppers in a variety of finishes.

If you have decided to use fresh flowers, consult with our Floral department about fresh arrangements not just for your cake, but for your entire wedding from rehearsal dinner through the ceremony and reception.

Order Number: RO-63455
Dimensions: 8.5" x 3"
Order Number: BG-2011BK
Order Number: BG-2011BK
(Glazed Couple - Black)
7.5" Tall
(White BC-2011)
Order Number: BG-294
Order Number: BG-294
(Groom Carrying Bride - Resin)
4.75" Tall
Order Number: BG-900
Order Number: BG-900
(Dancing Couple - Glazed)
7" Tall
Order Number: RO-63600
Order Number: RO-63600
(Embrace Couple - White)
9" Tall
Order Number: BG-19-W
(White Dress)
4.5" Tall
Bride: W, AA, H
Order Number: BG-19-EG
(Eggshell Dress)
4.5" Tall
Bride: W, AA
Order Number: BG-18-BC
(Black Tuxedo)
4.5" Tall
Groom: W, AA, H

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Cake Toppers
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