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Publix Bakery Key Lime Pie

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Finished in store one at a time. Finished at home in no time at all.

We use only high-quality ingredients to make our Publix Bakery Key Lime Pie—and it shows. In the buttery, graham-cracker crust. The luscious, velvety filling that perfectly balances tart and sweet. Topped with fresh whipped topping, freshly toasted almonds, and a slice of fresh lime.

It's easy to see why this timeless Southern specialty is hard to resist. It's so delicious, it's hard to think of a better treat for guests or hosts. So whether you serve it next time you have company or take it along when you're invited over to your friends' house for dinner, better stock up just in case your willpower caves.

It's been known to happen.

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Facts About Publix Bakery Key Lime Pie

  • Our velvety filling is just the right balance of tart and sweet.
  • Finished by hand in-store using fresh whipped topping, fresh toasted almonds, and a fresh lime slice.
  • Perfect to take to any gathering—if you can resist tearing into it beforehand.