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Growing Facts

Clementines or mandarin oranges are among the sweetest citrus fruits. A kids' favorite, Clementines are easy to peel and are a medium sized fruit with a deep orange smooth, glossy skin. There are many varieties of these small, sweet, easy-peeling fruits with names such as tangor and satsuma. Clementines are seedless, easy to peel and filled with apricot nectar flavor.

Primarily grown in California and Spain, the peak season for Clementines is November through January.


Clementines are a nutritious and delicious snack. Clementines, like all citrus products, can be used as a meat tenderizer and go well with poultry and seafood. They can also be used as a zest sprinkled over salads or into chocolate cake batter.


Select fresh and blemish free citrus fruit to complement your meal. A quality clementine is sweet and has a strong citrus flavor. Good quality Clementines will be firm to slightly soft, heavy for their size, and pebbly-skinned with no deep grooves, as well as orange in color.


Clementines can be stored at room temperature, for up to 3 days on the counter or in the refrigerator crisper drawer for up to two weeks. Whole fruit should NOT be frozen.

Nutrition Facts

Along with natural sweetness, you're infusing your body with vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium and dietary fiber. Great for helping to keep everything in good repair, helping you defend against winter colds and flu bugs.


Avoid Clementines that are soft, spongy, or have spots of slight brown discoloring and/or dull and faded coloring overall.