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Publix Wine Guide
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Storing and Serving

Although there may be a lot to learn, you don't need to have taken a 6-hour seminar in viniculture to serve your guests or yourself the perfect glass of wine. With a few simple tips in mind you'll be a pro in no time.

Storing Wine Find out the absolute worst place (and some of the best places) to store your wine and learn how long you can keep a bottle once opened.   Read more >

Serving Wine: Temperature To chill or not to chill? Whether in the fridge, on ice or straight from the cupboard each type of wine should be served at a different temperature.   Read more >

Serving Wine: Glasses Start expanding your china cabinet to make room for all the glasses you'll need to fully enjoy your burgeoning wine collection. Don't have quite enough space? Find out how to pick the best multi-purpose glass.   Read more >

Equipment There's a wide range of corkscrews out there—from elegantly simple models that can fit in your pocket to mechanical contraptions with protruding wings and levers. Find out which is best for coaxing the cork out of your bottles.   Read more >

Opening a Bottle Eager to open the bottle of wine you got last week? Go for it! Few bottles need to age and many are better fresh off the shelf. And follow step-by-step instructions for popping those tricky champagne corks.   Read more >

Serving Wine: Decanting Before filling those glasses to enjoy your chosen vintage, decant your wine to bring out the fullest flavors and to remove any sediment from the bottom.   Read more >

Publix promotes responsible drinking and supports efforts to fight alcohol abuse and underage drinking. Please visit The Century Council at for more information.