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Matching Wines with Occasions

Wine lovers adore matching wine with food in ways that make both taste better. But sometimes wine shines even brighter when matched with the spirit of the occasion rather than with the flavors you serve.

After all, Champagne may actually clash with wedding cake, but does anyone at the happy event really notice -- or care? Consider these other scenarios where the scene trumps the cuisine:

  • A Day at the Beach: No matter what food you carry in that cooler, a sunny day meshes best with a light, bright, low-alcohol wine, such as Vinho Verde -- a brisk and lightly spritzy selection from Portugal. Or try Moscato d'Asti, a refreshingly peachy sip from Italy.

  • A Performance in the Park: Which wine goes best with Beethoven's music? Try choosing the wine according to the birthplace of the composer. For example, choose German Riesling for Beethoven and Italian Pinot Grigio for Vivaldi. Conveniently, these wines will taste refreshing on warm evenings.

  • A Great Date at Home: Get out the romantic red-checkered tablecloth and pop open a bottle of Sangiovese. This grape anchors the famous wines of Italy's Chianti region, and the Italians know a thing or two about amore! Choose a bottle from California or Washington if you like your wine fruity and voluptuous.

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