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Entertaining Tips

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Simple and Sweet

When thinking about decorating the table for your next dinner party or family gathering, consider what kind of mood you are attempting to create. Like a good bottle of wine, everything else should flow naturally!

The centerpiece sets the mood for the meal and is a conversation starter. From a bold table runner to a colorful floral arrangement, a creative table topper goes a long way.
You don't have to be a decorating genius to create a distinctive centerpiece. A simple arrangement of fruit and candles makes an elegant and appealing focal point. Keep the grouping low so guests can easily see over it.

Pillar candles of varying heights create different levels of light and color. The warm glow of tapers can provide an easy way to set a relaxing tone for the evening.

If using a fruit centerpiece, choose fruits in colors and flavors that complement the wine you are serving. For example, match Beaujolais, a popular light and fruity red wine, with deep, rich-hued fruits, such as red grapes or apples.

Riesling and sparkling wines, including champagne, are popular whites to pair with lighter-colored fruit. Green grapes or pears tend to complement these wines.

When your guests are finished with dinner, invite them to sample the centerpiece with another glass of wine.

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