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Wine Grapes
Publix Wine Guide
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Wine Education

Grape Varietals


Chardonnay - and Beyond
Chardonnay may be America's best-selling varietal, but there's a world of equally worthy whites to explore. Click here to branch out!

White Grapes


Cabernet, Merlot and More
Ever-popular Cabernet and Merlot are great grapes indeed. But how about a juicy Zinfandel, a moody Malbec or the tart cherry pie flavors of Chianti? Find a new favorite here.

Red Grapes

Starters and Desserts

Perfect Beginnings, Memorable Endings
Great pleasures come in small sips when you savor port, sherry and dessert wines before and after your meal. Here's how to pick one you'll love.

Starter/Dessert Grapes

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Wines that Bubble and Fizz
Champagne or sparkling wine? While there is a difference, either will bring an irresistible lift to the occasion. Here's a little know-how on the most exuberant wine in the world.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine Grapes

Publix promotes responsible drinking and supports efforts to fight alcohol abuse and underage drinking. Please visit The Century Council at for more information.