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More in Mendocino

Mendocino was "green" before "earth-friendly" was cool, and one of the pleasures of traveling in the area is to see how committed many of its wineries are to sustainable growing practices. To get a look -- and taste -- of what's red-hot on the eco scene, visit the Parducci Winery.

Recently, the vineyard became the first in the United States to be designated as "carbon neutral;" that is, having calculated the emissions of their greenhouse gases, they took major steps to mitigate and offset them. Initiatives included converting to solar power and biodiesel, participating in a local tree-planting program, as well as investing in a wind farm and a methane capture project.

As with most things Mendocino, the wood-paneled tasting room is pleasantly laid back (it dates from the '70s, after all); here, you can learn about the winery's commitment to the environment, while tasting brands from the Mendocino Wine Company portfolio, which include Parducci, Big Yellow Cab, Zig Zag Zin and the Paul Dolan Organic brand. The winery is located in the hills above the Ukiah valley; on picnic-perfect days, bring a lunch and dine alfresco on the outdoor patio, with vineyard views beyond.

The tasting room is open daily. Tours are available on weekdays and by appointment on weekends. Visit for more information.

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