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Where are you traveling next? To the Rocky Mountains' rugged peaks? A serene lake in Minnesota? Seattle's vibrant city streets? If so, check out these three restaurants that are worth any wine-lover's attention.

We touched base with insiders from coast to coast to find restaurants with the best wine programs. We wanted tips on restaurants that make wine enjoyable, accessible and easy to pair with the food coming out of the kitchen.

Long Island's charming wine country has grown since the 1970s from one lonely vineyard to more than 30 wineries, yet it's less than two hours from midtown Manhattan.

The Yadkin Valley in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is North Carolina's equivalent of California's Napa Valley -- without the traffic jams.

This northern California wine-making region has roots that reach all the way to France.

Join the crush on a visit to Washington State this fall. Take part in premier winemaking or just watch, sample and delight.

Michael Lynne, co-CEO of New Line Cinema, is one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. His studio is responsible for bringing the Lord of the Rings trilogy to the big screen.

New York's Finger Lakes region is home to rolling hills, tranquil lakes, quaint towns - and dozens of vintners producing world-class wines.

There is a stretch of American coastline that has long inspired artists and writers with its dangerous beauty on one side and rippling meadows and soaring forests on the other. It is also home to some of California's best wines.

California's Lake County is easy to get to from its famous neighbors, Napa and Sonoma counties. Here, away from the crowds, travelers enjoy a rugged landscape, a taste of small-town Americana and many high quality wineries.

If you're in need of a vacation but only have a long weekend, pinpoint your plans by making a two- to three-day jaunt through the Dry Creek Valley in California Wine Country near San Francisco.

If you're taking an extended tour of Washington's wineries, consider a trip to Walla Walla, which is in the southeastern corner of the state. A worthy stop on any wine-lover's itinerary, the area was named Best Wine Destination of the Year 2005 by Sunset Magazine.

Wineries thrive across Washington State, from Bellingham in the northwest to Walla Walla in the southeast, and beyond. This quiz will help you choose a region you'll enjoy, based on your schedule and interests.

No, you don't consume ice wine on a stick like a Popcicle. This special beverage is made from grapes that are allowed to get very ripe and then freeze on the vine.

"I think we may be the only wine region on earth that's so close to a major urban center, which means you can come out from Manhattan, see the wineries and then go back to New York City in time for dinner and a Broadway show," says Trent Preszler, vice president of operations at Bedell Cellars, one of the better-known wineries on Long Island's North Fork.

It may be in the southern hemisphere, but New Zealand reigns at the top of the wine world. With stellar wineries and breathtaking scenery, this little bit of paradise is poised to make an even bigger splash

Wine travel is hot, and for good reason. How can wine-lovers resist sipping new discoveries while gazing over inspiring views of rolling vineyards? Before you go, learn to travel wisely with our top tasting-room tips.

Though it's much less famous than its Napa and Sonoma neighbors, Mendocino County offers plenty of charms to make it worth a side trip.

Mendocino was "green" before "earth-friendly" was cool, and one of the pleasures of traveling in the area is to see how committed many of its wineries are to sustainable growing practices. To get a look -- and taste -- of what's red-hot on the eco scene, visit the Parducci Winery.

Don't let sticker-shock scare you from touring one of the world's foremost wine countries. Try these five money-saving tips.

Napa Valley has a well-deserved reputation for quality and luxury. The challenge? Enjoy the riches of this region, one money-saving sip at a time. We recently headed west to come up with a guide to do just that.

You would expect to find ice wines in British Columbia, but not Bordeaux-style reds. And plenty of lakes -- but not warm, arid summers. Okanagan Wine Country overflows with surprises for both wine lovers and travelers.

Imagine floating down the Sane River in eastern France on a hotel barge. You would experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Burgundy wine region, home to some of the world's greatest wines made from the Pinot Noir grape.

Thomas Jefferson's failed attempt to produce wine grapes wasn't really his fault. He was on the right track, as the wealth of wineries near his famous home now proves.

While in Oregon's northern Willamette Valley, visits to two wineries in particular -- The Eyrie Vineyards and Domaine Drouhin Oregon -- will lend a fascinating historical perspective to your trip.

Portland, Oregon, is famous for its cultural scene, gracious architecture, trendy shopping districts, fine restaurants and world-renowned gardens.

Santa Barbara promotes itself as the American Riviera, and its easy to see why. This naturally blessed stretch of central California offers pastoral scenery, first-rate food and outstanding wine varietals, starting with its award-winning Pinot Noir.

Whether you're looking for foot-stompin' live music or fabulous wine-tastings, the Lone Star State has it all.

Where you grow determines what you grow.

The Culinary Institute of America's Greystone Campus is a worthy stop on any trip through Napa Valley.

We're not in Napa anymore! From Hawaii to New York, these under-the-radar wineries spread all across the country. Liven up your tasting experience at five innovative vineyards that take visitors off the trodden path.

Follow the Wine Road to this surprising wine lover's haven in the Midwest.

Scenery, history and wineries combine to form quite a draw.

Lesser known grape varieties are taking root in the state most famous for its Merlot.

Although much of New Zealand offers mild temperatures year round, the country's mountains and intimacy with the sea bring different reasons to visit each season. Here's a small sampling of activities and events to explore.

California's "wine country" once referred exclusively to Napa and Sonoma, but now it extends all over the state! This quiz will help you choose among the top destinations and pinpoint the region that best fits your wine personality.

Some 700 miles north of Napa, Washington State's wine country is quietly producing some of the world's best vintages

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