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Who doesn't feel at least a small rush of excitement upon the opening of a bottle of Champagne? After all, it's the wine we choose to celebrate weddings, births, anniversaries and promotions. Here's a quick quiz to see how much you know about the wine world's bubbly superstar.

1. How fast can a Champagne cork travel when it is allowed to fly unrestrained from the bottle?

2. What is the pressure inside a bottle of Champagne?

3. What is a magnum of Champagne?

4. How many bubbles are in a typical bottle of French Champagne?

5. At what temperature is sparkling wine best served?


1. Up to 50 mph.

2. About 90 pounds per square inch (psi). Compare that to automobile tire pressure, which is about 32 psi.

3. A magnum is 1.5 liters, or equal to two regular bottles.

4. Experts who measure such things estimate 49 million bubbles.

5. 42 degrees F to 47 degrees F.

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